Radical Feminist Symbol. Image from:

This is an introduction. I’ve had an eating disorder for nearly sixteen years. As I write this, I’m just entering into my sixth year of recovery. When I say “recovery” I mean a six year process of consciously struggling to progress. It does not mean that I have been “recovered” for this period of time. Twice I’ve tried to concretely write about eating disorders. The first time was in school, about five years ago. The second was in a zine that I wrote in a day, presented on, and never finalized or distributed.

When we speak about white people today in America we bring together a hodge-podge combination of biological, geographical, and social characteristics that we have come to accept and take for granted. More often than not we understand someone to be white simply because of their skin color and their ancestry. However, as Lawrence Grandpre argues, with a critical look into history we see “whiteness” as a political tool, not necessarily a color or a racialized culture.

War on Women at Solidarity Concert for Pussy Riot. Photo By: Joe Flood

On February 21, 2012,  five members of an all female Russian feminist punk rock band called Pussy Riot (Пусси Райот) performed a peaceful but illegal show on the soleas, priests only section, of Moscow's Cathedral of Christ the Saviour.

Radical Pavilion at the Baltimore Book Festival 2012. Image:

Check here for coverage of this year's Radical Pavilion at the Baltimore Book Festival! We'll have livestreamed video and audio from talks by Amy Goodman, Cindy Milstein, Dean Spade, Josh MacPhee, and more!

Wyclef signing copies of his new book for an audience of mostly Johns Hopkins University students in the Charles Commons building. Photo by Bill Hughes.

Haitian-born musician, actor and producer, Wyclef Jean, was in Baltimore on Wednesday night, September 19, promoting his biography, Purpose: An Immigrant's Story. He gave a talk, performed some hip-hop/rap, conducted a Q&A session, and played his guitar before an audience of mostly Johns Hopkins University students in the Charles Commons building.

The Femme Conference 2012. Photo By: Corey Reidy

Femme Indyreader collective member, Corey Reidy, excitedly covered The Femme Conference 2012 this past August as it descended onto Baltimore. These interviews, conducted with FemmeCon attendees, are the first part in three-part conference coverage. Stay tuned for an interview with Femme filmmaker Pratibha Parmar, as well as a full reportback on the conference.

I think the impact of art in different cultures around the world can be so monumental that artists need to take it under consideration and understand that what we release into the world can impact the people very deeply. In my art I try to provoke a sense of rebellion and innovation.

BBQ banner, Appliquéd by: Kate O'Brien and Photo by: Casey McKeel

The Baltimore Feminist Reading Group formed in June 2011 with the aim to create an anti-racist, transfeminist space and analysis, and to foster feminist activism in Baltimore.Since then they've been analyzing and mobilizing around these issues. This article discusses these points as well as the group's Women and Trans* Feminist BBQ Series.

Fighting Street Harassment at Otakon Photo By: Indyreader

Hollaback! Baltimore gathered at Baltimore's Inner Harbor this past Sunday, July 29th, for a preplanned direct action. Upon arrival,and amidst crowds of costumed characters, the activists soon realized that Otakon, one of the nation's largest anime conventions, was in town. Switching tactics, the organizers headed over to the convention to do some direct educational outreach. Aiming to combat street harassment, the activists highlighted the need to work collaboratively in public spaces in order to visibilize an often hidden gender-based epidemic.


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