Hannah Dobbz "Nine-Tenths of the Law"

Last weekend, Hannah Dobbz came to Baltimore and spoke at Red Emma's about her new book, Nine-Tenths of the Law: Property and Resistance in the United States. Published by AK Press, Nine-Tenths of the Law is about the history of squatting in the US, and offers new perspectives on property in the midst of the foreclosure crisis and recession.

Photo By: Jewish Voice for Peace

I am a singer and a rabbi, and I would rather sing to you right now, because you have probably read too many words, heard too much raw speech, about Israel and Gaza. It would be better to sooth and distract. But I feel compelled to find words. Just words.

Biblical verses and fragments of songs jostle for recognition and repetition, but I can’t hear then clearly enough. Instead, I’m trapped in the compulsion to read every report, go to every web site.

"Anarchism Today" By: Randall Amster

From our audio archives: This past summer, on July 12th, 2012, Randall Amster, author of a new volume on anarchism, spoke at Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse. This volume is entitled Anarchism Today. It explores the movement's vivid history and resurgent relevance for addressing today’s most pressing social and environmental challenges.

Baltimore City school teachers rally in solidarity with striking Chicago teachers. (Photo by: Bill Bleich, source: City Paper)

Baltimore teachers are in the final year of the “landmark” contract we reluctantly ratified in 2010. Many teachers and education professionals reviled the contract for its attacks on seniority in the form of merit pay. As the BTU and BCPSS move into the contract negotiation season, it is important for the public to understand this concept.

Occupy Sandy. Photo By: Unknown

“What will it take to wake people up about climate change?”

This is the question that was asked of Sir David Attenborough (the aging, well-loved British naturalist and TV presenter known for documentary series like Planet Earth) during an interview published in The Guardian on October 25. His answer? “Disaster.” To this, he added, “[But] even disaster doesn’t do it. There have been disasters in North America, with hurricanes and floods, yet still people deny and say ‘oh, it has nothing to do with climate change’”.

Jerrell is a good guy. Smart and funny, he generally helped lighten the spirit of class. I taught Jerrell for two years, as a High School Junior and then again as a Senior. He was on my roster the next year, too. But only until he turned 21, and the school district's automated system dropped him from our roll when he “aged out” of the public school system.

Why would anyone get as far as senior year and then drop out? Why would he let all those years of hard work go to waste?

"Imperiled Life" By: Javier Sethness-Castro. Image By: AK Press

As parts of the Northeast remain in recovery from last week's Hurricane Sandy, many necessary conversations are emerging about the links between this hurricane and climate change. Prior to the hurricane, the mainstream media largely ignored the topic of climate change. We hope that the conversations continue. And we release this audio as a contribution to the crucial dialog.

Supporter of the peace caravan led by Mexican poet Sicilia holds a banner during a rally (Courtesy Reuters).

A caravan calling itself The Movement for Peace With Justice and Dignity rolled through the US last month, pushing for a handful of policy changes that would reduce drug-war violence in Mexico.  The most controversial demand was probably the decriminalization of drugs, though this is steadily getting grassroots traction in the US.  The other policy changes—better regulating arms trade, money laundering, and military aid—are not radical at all.

"Signal .02" By: Josh MacPhee and Alec Icky Dunn

For the past five years Red Emma's Bookstore Coffeehouse and The Baltimore Book Festival have partnered to bring you The Baltimore Radical Bookfair Pavilion seeking to inform and inspire "radical innovation and intervention". At this year's festival, crowd favorites Josh MacPhee and Alec Icky Dunn discussed their newest edition to their art collection: Signal.


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