E.W. Jackson, Republican candidate for Lt. Gov. of Virginia. (Source:

E.W. Jackson, Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, recently made comments to a Tea Party audience in Newport News, Virginia, claiming that black families were more intact during slavery than they are today.

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As we extend our discussion of the provocative themes found in the blockbuster movie, Avatar, we turn to the role played by researchers and scientists. When it comes to getting to the root of the twin missions of American imperialism and colonization, it is incumbent to do what is true in other searches for truth: follow the money. For many scientists and researchers in the United States, the quest to gain new knowledge is financially supported by entrepreneurial academic institutions or the federal government that provides funding for much of scientific research.

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Javier Sethness Castro, author of Imperiled Life: Revolution against Climate Catastrophe and For a Free Nature: Critical Theory, Social Ecology, and Post-Developmentalism, gives his feedback on this year's Left Forum, an annual conference of left and progressive intellectuals, activists, organizations and interested public. Indyreader would like to encourage everyone from Baltimore who attended the Left Forum to share your feedback with our readers.

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On Friday, June 21, the Marc Steiner Show featured Lawrence Brown as he discussed his Indyreader essay entitled, "Avarice and Avatar in Charm City: Stepping Up the Fight Against Displacement and Dispossession." The discussion covered the historical antecedents of displacement and dispossession and turned to recent gentrification and displacement efforts in the Middle East and Greenmount West communities in Baltimore. The participants discussed strategies for confronting displacement and dispossession, including community organizing, anti-displacement as a fundamental principle, and changing the city charter from a strong mayor system to a council manager form of government to increase community voice and participation.

Laila El-Haddad (Left) and Maggie Schmitt (Right)
The Gaza Kitchen: A Palestinian Culinary Journey is a new book by Laila El-Haddad and Maggie Schmitt. Part cookbook, part political analysis, part history, The Gaza Kitchen is a book unlike any other.
Lee-Jackson Monument in Baltimore, MD. Photo By: Kate Drabinski
Baltimore is a city with a vexed relationship to its own Civil War past, and for good reason. Maryland never seceded from the Union, but its citizens leaned strongly toward the Confederacy. Any schoolchild from or tourist to Baltimore knows the first blood of the Civil War was shed here, in the Pratt Street Riots, violence that ensued when Baltimoreans attacked Union soldiers heading south through the city for war.
At a rally organized by the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers last thursday, May 30, students stand alongside their teachers, defiant and strong, to protest the closing of 23 more of Philadelphia's public schools and the gutting of school services. Photo by: Iris Kirsch.

Last month, hundreds of thousands of Philadelphians, mostly high school students, took to the streets to protest the closing of twenty-three schools and the discontinuation of vital programs such as athletic and arts activities, nurses and mental health counselors, and school libraries.

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Yes, it’s true, this is another article about Angelina Jolie and her preventive double mastectomy procedure. However, the topic today is not judging Angelina’s personal decision. Instead it is about the underlying campaign for preventive mastectomies and the inferences made about preventive care.

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As everyone knows, modern society is at a crossroads. The corporate giants have cast a shadow on all of our actions and the implications are ominous. As the politicians and financial sectors of the world continue to steadily pull the citizenry under that shadow, the feelings of desperation and powerlessness fill our hearts. It is tempting to succumb to apathy. It always has been. So from where, then, will we find our strength?

This past week, Gar Alperovitz, author of America Beyond Capitalism, spoke at the New America Foundation in Washington, DC. Alperovitz spoke about his new book, What Then Must We Do? Democratizing Wealth and Building a Community-Sustaining Economy from the Ground Up, and described the potential of worker-owned enterprises in the US to build a political movement and challenge the trend of neoliberal capitalism.


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