American Autumn: Occupations in Baltimore and Beyond

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Occupy encampments continue across the country, including in Baltimore, where over the weekend Pan-African theorist Max Rameau gave a teach-in and addressed the General Assembly. Rameau is an organizer with the Take Back the Land movement, which uses direct action to push for community control over land.


Brief Introductions to Some of the Many People at “Occupy Wall Street.”

ROB – A plumber working on the new World Trade Center buildings. He came out to walk with a sign at the park on his lunch break. He is in the Local 1 union.

“This is all truth out here, it’s just gotta be voiced…. You can’t go wrong with the truth…”

“Everybody’s angry right now, you can see it. But I think these are all good people, nobody wants to hurt anybody…”


It’s almost bedtime here in London, but Facebook is up and at it. Almost every post that appears in my news feed is about #occupywallstreet, and old and new friends have been contacting me all week asking if I will be at my home town Baltimore’s own version, which began on Tuesday.

Long-time peace and social justice activist, Maria Allwine, reports back after a week spent occupying DC's Freedom Plaza, just a few blocks away from the Occupy DC encampment at McPherson Square Park. Allwine sent an email dispatch to Maryland Green Party members and supporters on Tuesday. She agreed to let Indypendent Reader post the dispatch.


Indyreader caught up with community activist, Reverend Heber Brown, at the end of the Stop the Youth Jail march this last Tuesday. He spoke on some of Baltimore's fundamental issues that the majority of the city's population faces, as well as positives and potential challenges that the growing Occupation Movement may have within the city. 





It's not everday that hundreds of citizens occupy two public parks in DC. During my visit to the encampments on Saturday, the feeling of something powerful developing was palpable.

The occupations are based in the McPherson Square park and Freedom Plaza, public spaces that are about a 10-minute walk from each other.

I always find it disparaging to hear about people begging for jobs, high-paying or otherwise. There’s something deflating about realizing how alienated we’ve all become from the material world—enough so that we equate working under someone else’s direction for someone else’s ultimate profit with real livelihood, wealth, or liberty. Texas, after-all, is still creating jobs, as Rick Perry touted ad-nauseam before his debate stumble and recent slide in the polls.

Indyreader correspondent, Bill Hughes, reports with a series of videos on both: October 2011 and #occupydc.


Video: Poet Lori Perdue's Recites "It's Time," at the Freedom Plaza

 On Oct. 7, 2011, The Human Rights activist and poet, Lori Perdue, recited her poem, "It's Time," at the Freedom Plaza, Occupy Washington. She is associated with the Peace & Justice group, CODEPINK.

Oct. 4, 2011 was the first day of the "Occupy Baltimore" demonstration. It was held at McKeldin Square, at the Inner Harbor, in Baltimore, MD. Some of the activists in attendance shared their views with me about why they chose to participate.


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