During the summer of 2011, hundreds of thousands of citizens throughout Spain took to the streets to protest government austerity measures. Street-protests transformed into encampments, which in turn branched out into neighborhoods, where neighborhood assemblies formed across the country. In a two-part interview, Stephen Roblin from Baltimore's Indypendent Reader asks David Marty, an activist and writer based in Spain, about the status of the movement and more.

As the drumbeat of war against Iran grows, organizers across the country are ensuring we are not tricked into further bankruptcy and bloodshed once again. Thousands of concerned people, including activists, occupiers, and local community organizations have begun to sign on to the Iran Pledge of Resistance Campaign.

Renowned scholar and author, Immanuel Wallerstein, spoke this past fall at Baltimore's 2640 cooperative events space, on the significance and relevancy of the current waves of global upheaval and resistance.

In recognition of Black History Month, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle (LBS), hosted a public debate on the meaning of Black history and Black identity in a “post-racial” moment. The debate was held at the cooperative events venue - 2640, this past Saturday, February 10th.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is in the news again. It’s the lead donor for a program that will spend millions of dollars producing and delivering drugs for the treatment of tropical diseases. It’s pumping another $750 million into the Global Fund. And it’s opening a new museum, dedicated to itself, in downtown Seattle.

A view of the skyline beyond the northern suburbs of Mogadishu is seen through a bullet hole in the window of a hotel in Yaaqshiid District, where Al Shabaab militants have been pushed beyond the city's northern fringes to the outskirts of the Somalia seaside. (Photo: Stuart Price / United Nations Photo)

On October 15, Kenya's top security chiefs declared war on Al Shabaab, the loose coalition of Islamist militias that controls southern Somalia. The next day, hundreds of Kenyan soldiers in armored trucks and tanks reportedly "stormed" across Kenya's northern border and into the region. The goal being to decimate Al Shabaab, which was originally catapulted to dominance in 2007 consequent to a US-backed Ethiopian intervention.

Egyptian activists Esraa Abdel Fettah (left), Bassem Fathy, and Ahmed >> Maher talk to October 2011 participants in Washington DC, October 23

"Its like a football game between Egypt and Tunisia, because when they started the revolution, the people in Egypt wanted to do the same," says Ahmed Maher. Maher is a civil engineer by trade, but became a prominent democracy activist in Egypt, helping found the April 6th Youth Movement, one of the groups credited with sparking the January 25 revolution there.

It’s almost bedtime here in London, but Facebook is up and at it. Almost every post that appears in my news feed is about #occupywallstreet, and old and new friends have been contacting me all week asking if I will be at my home town Baltimore’s own version, which began on Tuesday.

Hundreds “Occupy Dublin” as Wall Street tactic spreads.

“What are you protesting against?” asks a man walking home from the pub last night. “Is this about the IMF?”

Several dozen people participated in an economic crisis teach-in at McKeldin Park, the site of Occupy Baltimore.

Activist and academic, Lester Spence, spoke on the relationship of neoliberalism and the black community, and Joel Andreas spoke on the economy, militarism and imperialism.


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