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Dr. Ben Carson is a well-trained plantation fox, guarding the hen house of White supremacy. He is infected with the delusion of individualism and Bill Cosby boot-strapitis. He can be found on his way to the White House, tripping the political, racist land mines set for his demise. Just think, he could live in Baltimore, not far from me. Well, there goes the neighborhood.


Race has been a topic I wanted to discuss, but because of the sensitivity I have been cautious. However, since President Obama been in office, any discussion without race is unavoidable.  I stay awake to the point of obsession about the racial tensions and poverty in the inner cities. I have been trying to examine what events are causing the insanity.  

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On Thursday afternoon, March 21, 2013, a demonstration was held at McKeldin Square, in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Its purpose was to raise awareness among the citzenry of the rising medical debt in this country and the need to adopt a single payer healthcare system. A recent study documented that nearly “60 percent” of the bankruptcies in the nation are related to an inability to “pay medical bills.” Speaking on camera about this matter is the social justice activist, Dr. Margaret Flowers of Baltimore City.

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With the vast buildup and ever-expanding reach of the American military and "security apparatus" since 2001, the changes have been dizzying. When Historians Against the War, a small national group formed ten years ago in response to the Iraq invasion, decided to hold a national conference in Baltimore on April 5-7, we chose the title "The New Faces of War." With it, we hope to provide a forum for historians and activists to analyze what is new and not-new in American warmaking.

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Crimes against Black people in this country can only be described as "unspeakable." Maybe that’s why nobody wants to talk about it. It’s painful for Black people and frankly, inconvenient for many Whites. The subject certainly does not fit into Scott Terry’s conversation of White people as the newly disenfranchised. But if we do not speak about it, White people (and Black apologists) will appropriate Black history and heroes to take us back to the days when the Republican Party really was the party of the abolitionists, and the Dixiecrats housed the Ku Klux Klan.

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“America works,” says the new superstar of the Republican party, Marco Rubio. Gridlocked-Congress America works? Tell that to the predominately Hispanic and Black underclass whose boats are not rising with the White American tide. The wealth gap nearly tripled between Whites and Black people in 2009. The Pew Research Center reports that the median wealth of White households is 18 times that of Hispanic homes.

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Whenever I’m in a poverty mode I listen to the song “We Fall Down” by Donnie McClurkin to make me strong.

“We fall down but we get up, For a saint is just a sinner who fell down But we couldn't stay there and got up.”

I’m never one to blame circumstances for failure. I am not a fan of preference or diversity, I don't want to get ahead because I am different, I want to succeed because I am qualified. 

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On Thursday, February 28th, the Maryland State Senate voted 28 to 19 to pass the Governor’s gun control bill.[1] It is off to the House of Delegates for final approval, and if approved will move on to the Governor’s desk for signature.

A black man wears a shirt that reads, "Not Chris Dorner Please Do Not Shoot". Image source:

The mainstream White media represented Dorner as a loony with a grudge and an assault rifle. But an amazing thing happened in the alternative and social media outlets. Although African Americans did not support Dorner’s murder spree, many supported Dorner. The difference between how Black people saw this and White people viewed Dorner was like the parting of the Red Sea. It was like the O.J. case: Blacks on one side and Whites on the other. The issue for some Black people was Dorner’s blowing the cover off the racist, brutal tactics of police bullies in poor black and brown communities. For White people it was just the case of a murderer on the loose.


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