Throughout the weekend of November 5th – 7th, the Institute for Anarchist Studies (IAS) held its annual Renewing the Anarchist Tradition (RAT) Conference in Baltimore, with the local support and coordination of the 2640 and Red Emma's Collectives. RAT is an autonomous space outside of commodified conference and educational centers.

Most of these people seem to be focused on the wrong issue; thus promoting the wrong solution. ------ Reportback: One Nation Working Together by Julia Riber Pitt On October 2, 2010, in an effort to rally for leftist and progressive causes, thousands of liberals, progressives, and radicals attended the One Nation Working Together Rally, in Washington, DC. When my comrade Sarina and I first arrived at the rally, we joined a handful of union and labor activists. Together we walked down to the Lincoln Memorial.

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An Iraq war veteran has undergone a second surgery to treat wounds received when a police horse crushed his face during an anti-war demonstration outside of the 2008 Presidential Debates in New York.

As an organizer with a decade of experience in all types of work, from anarchist organizations to peace groups to labor organizing, I don't think over-hyping our actions does anything for us.


September 24, 2009

Part One:

The G20 is upon us, and though BBC World News featured some of "the troubles" in Pittsburgh, on-the-ground reports hardly match up with the media-inflation, police-inflation, and activist-inflation of the actual thing.


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