Reverend "CD" Witherspoon at a rally against the White Student Union. Photo by Bonnie Lane.

A white student union (WSU) is currently active on Towson’s campus. The group is led by Matthew Heimbach. The goal of the WSU is “to create an avenue for people to participate in political, cultural, educational, and social events to celebrate European heritage," according to its website. I left and voicemail and email request to interview Heimbach. He has not responded to my interview requests.

Student Body President Joshua Martínez standing in front of the main campus of Nuestra Escuela in Caguas, Puerto Rico.

Caguas, Puerto Rico, about 30 miles south of the capital, San Juan, is home to about 87,000 people. By day, commerce bustles around a few major medical centers. Shortly after 5pm, people return to their homes, and the shop-lined streets downtown are vacant.

"Live Young Blood" Film Poster.

Casey McKeel sat down for a conversation with the filmmakers of the new documentary that takes a look at youth violence in Baltimore.  

Demonstration organized by Unite Here, Local 7 and allies at BWI. Photo by Bill Hughes.

Members of Unite Here, Local 7, and their Social Justice allies, staged a demonstration on Wednesday afternoon, April 3, 2013, at BWI-Thurgood Marshall Airport. It took place at the departure terminal of Southwest Airlines. The workers are fighting AirMall, USA, the company placed in charge of concessions at the airport by the State of Maryland. The union is demanding improved wages, benefits and working conditions for their members. Since the State hires AirMall, USA, Governor Martin O’Malley has a potentially important role to play in resolving this dispute.

Towson University students rally against "White Student Union." Photo by Bill Hughes.

A group calling itself, the White Student Union, was the subject of three demonstrations, on the Towson University campus on Tuesday afternoon, April 2, 2013. Towson students, who don’t like the group, held their protest earlier in the day at 4 PM, followed by two demonstrations at 6 PM by local human rights and social justice advocates.

Image source: thepeoplesrecord.com

“America is now in considerable part more a formal political democracy than a democratic social structure, and even the formal political mechanics are weak.”

- C. Wright Mills, The Power Elite, 1956

Oriole Park at Camden Yards from the Third Baseline. Photo By: Kate Drabinski.

On March 24th, 2013, local historians, activists, and interested parties gathered at Camden and S. Eutaw to join in the unveiling of a new plaque commemorating the Great Railroad Strike of 1877. The plaque joins a slew of public memorials in this part of southwest Baltimore but was the first recognizing the role of laborers and their struggles in the making of this place.

"Lonely Hearts" by Baltimore's Demi Lashawn.

The crisis of empathy is a great danger to the individual. It separates us from the pain that is felt universally. It stunts our ability to conceive of anything better in how we could live our lives. It is when we can tear down the fences that we build within ourselves, and undergo that transformation—from hostility to warmth, from suspicion to a welcoming embrace, from bitterness to tenderness—we find a power that cannot be taken from us.

By the time you read this I will have been held prisoner for four months... on misdemeanor charges! This fact being one the popular press conveniently chooses to omit. Continually we see the government (via police statements, State's Attorney, even judges) attempt to convey things in a more alarming depiction than reality holds. Their co-conspirators in the press do little to counter these deceptions. If it wasn't for the fact that these sort of omissions are quite selective, my protestations could readily be dismissed as mere whining, but pay attention and observe.


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