Urban Struggle and Crisis

By connecting the theme of urban struggle in-and-against the crisis,
Midnight Notes editors and friends will discuss the strategic areas
in which the economic crisis is impacting forms of life in the city
as well as the struggles that exist in relation to it.

What is at stake in this conversation is the possibility of a massive
restructuring and re-spatialization of our social relations in the
metropolis; however, there are many potential outcomes that will be
determined by the composition of our movements. Thus we ask: How

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Resisting gentrification in the creative city

The use of the creative class by capitalists in the urban environment.

Metropolitan Glide, Metropolitan Strike

Recent developments in post-workerist / autonomist thought have
focused on the city as a site production and resistance, in
particular as a locus of struggle precisely because of the becoming-
productive of the city: from the social factory to the factory-city,
the productive metropolis. To say that the metropolitan space has
become productive, in the same way that it has been argued that
all of life (social cooperation, communication, affects, creativity)

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