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Grassroots Community Struggles for Social Justice in the City

This panel will feature two amazing organizations that have both been fighting for the right to the city for decades, and are both appropriately enough members of the new Right to the City Alliance. CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities, founded in 1986, has been recently at the forefront of anti-gentrification struggles in NYC's Chinatown, and City Life/Vida Urbana has been active since 1973 in Boston, continuously agitating around housing and displacement issues.

Stopping foreclosures in Baltimore city

For information about ACORN's Baltimore campaign, see:

Indypendent reader: Baltimore ACORN Voices Foreclosure Injustices in Maryland

Baltimore Indymedia: ACORN Breaks Into Foreclosed House to Restore it to its Former Owner

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At 12:00 noon today, February 23, Take Back the Land liberated a vacant
house in order to move an extended family of 12, including six minors, back
into the home they lost to foreclosure on Friday, February 20th. The

In the spirit of love the Minnesota Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign is filling empty houses with homeless people this Valentine's Day. The campaign is calling for a moratorium on sheriff sales, foreclosures and evictions until the affordable housing crisis in the Twin Cities is dealt with. Until then MN PPEHRC will be doing the work of placing people in homes.

Take Back the Land

A presentation of the work of Miami's Take Back the Land, a poor people's movement attacking homelessness through direct action - squatting foreclosed properties.

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