w/ Adrienne Ruhf (Towson University)
Betty Bland Thomas (Sharp Leadenhall Planning Committee, Baltimore)
Matt Durington (Towson University, Megaphone Project, Baltimore)

The Student Coalition on Expansion and Gentrification at Columbia was represented by three undergraduates and one recent graduate (names?).

SMEAC was not represented at the panel as slated, though an East Baltimore resident (name?) and community organizer speaks toward the end of the recording.

SCEG Mission Statement (from

Baltimore's Human Rights Zone: Geography of Development and Resistance

A set of workshops and testimonials led by workers and participants covering the transformative power of human rights values, the role of one's place in the narrative, the Battle of Stories Framework, and tactics and strategies for the Human Rights Zone campaign in Baltimore. Through in-depth discussion and first-hand accounts, participants will analyze the strategies used by the United Workers in advancing the cause of Baltimore's low-wage workers.

A View From Federal Hill, Revisited

David Harvey's essay "A View From Federal Hill," which originally appeared in The Baltimore Book and was later reprinted in Spaces of Capital, is one of the most influential texts to address the corporate redevelopment of Baltimore's Inner Harbor, and a model for reading the political economy of a city's skyline, especially where, as in Baltimore's Inner Harbor, a tourist-focused policy of capital accumulation through public financing was the order of the day.

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