Thanks to, there's now another nine session recordings available from the conference:

Casino-Free Philadelphia
Occupy and resist! Examining the European Social Center tradition
Community Land Trusts and Anti-Displacement Fights
Gardening the city - SF Victory Gardens Project and Participation Park
Living Collectively in the City
Resisting University-driven gentrification
The Master's Tools - Communities retaking local government and repurposing official planning rhetoric
Participatory Budgeting - Public Control over Public Money

Barry Febos
Hugh Pocock (MICA)
Karen Stupski (Heathcote Community)

w/ Adrienne Ruhf (Towson University)
Betty Bland Thomas (Sharp Leadenhall Planning Committee, Baltimore)
Matt Durington (Towson University, Megaphone Project, Baltimore)

Betty Robinson (Baltimore)
City Life/Vida Urbana (Massachussets)
Picture the Homeless (NYC)
United Workers (Baltimore)

with members of the National Lawyers Guild and Picture the Homeless.

With the Obama adminstration generalizing years of Chicago urban policy at a national level, Dan Tucker from AREA Chicago takes us on a tour of recent Chicago history with an eye towards constructive avenues of resistance.

With James Tracy and Maria Guadalupe "Lupe" Arreola. Recorded Saturday, March 27th.

with China Martens and Elliot Liu. Recorded Saturday, March 28th.

Thanks to Jacqueline Robarge for leading a great discussion on the spot when the scheduled presenter didn't make it due to a mishap on our part!


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